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About Beckmann

Since 1946 Beckmann has developed schoolbags for children and youth, and today Beckmann is Scandinavia’s leading school backpack brand. Our head office is located in Norway; however, our school backpacks are sold in over 20 countries all over the globe. Different countries have different cultures, education systems, and school routes – but the need and desire for an ergonomic school backpack that is fun for children are the same across all markets.

Beckmann aims to be a good companion throughout the child’s schooling. To and from school, every day, for many years. One you can rely on, one that stays with you and takes care of your things – and your back! Remember – your back has to last a lifetime!

How we work

Manufacturing school backpacks that are ergonomically shaped and loved by children lies at the very core of everything that Beckmann does. Since 1946 we have focused on manufacturing backpacks that are comfortable to wear and adapted to the child in the best way possible.

Today, we offer a wide range of school backpacks, all with a starting point in Norwegian craftsmanship for schoolchildren of all ages. The unique combination of ergonomics and design, along with continuous focus on quality, has made Beckmann the preferred backpack for Scandinavian children.


Trusted by parents, loved by children!


Throughout their schooling, children and young people will encounter friends, challenges, knowledge, and learning. There are many factors that have an influence on a normal school day. School backpacks are the factor in a child’s day at school on which we here at Beckmann can have an influence. We promise that every day we do our very best to make the best school backpacks in the world.

In addition to ergonomics, quality, and functionality, we believe it is also important to spend time and resources on the aspect of the manufacturing process that creates the special “magic” for children: colors, figures, and patterns.

The illustrations are created from original ideas, and throughout the entire process, our aim is to create a magical story for children, a story that will repeat itself throughout all of the products that belong together. The process begins in looking far and wide to find inspiration. We travel to trade fairs, follow trends, carry out customer surveys and spend a lot of time talking to teachers, parents – and not least with children!

One of the most important things we do when working on designs is to observe children’s faces when they see the figures and colors. It is also a little magical for us, as designers, to see how the children’s eyes shine when they see the stories on our backpacks. When children begin to daydream, then we have done what we set out to do: We have created that magical feeling.


Beckmann’s Ergonomic Principles

During their first 5-6 years at school, a child will grow a lot. Not just in height – also in width, general physique and the need for space. We have selected the adaptation functions that we believe are most important in order to ensure a good fit for each individual child, without adding weight. Therefore we have created the Classic series in three different sizes.

Some manufacturers have an adjustable back length on their backpacks, so that the child can keep the same backpack for many years. However, these adaptations add weight, and it is difficult to get the backpack to fit optimally throughout the entire period of use. Instead, we recommend a light,
optimally adjusted backpack that is replaced after 2-3 years.

The aluminium frame is adapted so that it fits most children in the target group. It is also possible to take out the frame and shape it by hand to further tailor it to the child.

Adjust the height of the backpack by tightening the shoulder straps. The back should sit just above the child’s bottom. The lower part of the hip belt should sit on the pelvic crest. Tighten the hip belt. The chest strap can be adjusted both in height and length. This strap should be at the same height as the armpits. The top straps are important – these pull the backpack in towards the shoulders.

The shape of the shoulder straps is made to fit many different children in the target group. These should fit properly over the shoulders and not feel uncomfortable on the neck.

Weight Distribution

We have designed the backpack so that it reduces strain on the shoulders, transferring more of the weight to the hips. The internal structure, the padded hip belt, chest strap and shoulder straps are important for tightening the backpack so that it stays close to the body – which makes it easier for the child to maintain a balanced, relaxed posture. (1)

A backpack that does not fit close to the body will mean that the child is forced to adjust his/her posture to maintain balance. (2) A natural consequence of this is that the child pushes his/her shoulders forward, which can eventually lead to pain in the neck and shoulders. This occurs more often if the backpack is heavy – particularly if the weight is at the top of the backpack and the backpack is too far away from the back.

Freedom of Movement

A school backpack has different contents than, for example, a hiking backpack and the contents are often hard and rigid. Therefore the internal structure of the backpack is important. The S-shaped aluminium support in the backpack allows the backpack to sit close to the body (3), without feeling sharp against the bottom (4) or tipping away from the neck at the top (5). It is also important to pack the backpack correctly. The heaviest items should be placed at the bottom, in towards the back. We have therefore included a pocket for books/laptop innermost towards the back, with internal adjustment cords to pull the items further in towards the back.

Materials in the backpack have been selected carefully to make the backpack light and comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps and back panel are padded with a combination of soft padding and a slightly stiffer, pressure-absorbent foam.

When the backpack is attached to the shoulders and hips, it is best to have a short distance to the back (6). This allows the child to turn their back more freely. The back of the backpack is also designed to ensure good air flow, to prevent the backpack from feeling clammy.


With more than 70 years of experience in manufacturing school backpacks, we know what they go through and what they have to endure. School backpacks have a tough life, filled with heavy books; they are thrown around the schoolyard and even used as a seat cushion. It is important to us to reassure you that Beckmann backpacks undergo stringent quality controls and are thoroughly tested before they are carried on customer’s backs.

Therefore we are confident in offering up to 1 year warranty on our school backpacks.

Beckmann is recommended by experts

We have a long tradition of collaborating with experts, to ensure that our backpacks have the best ergonomic design. We currently develop and test backpacks in cooperation with Dr. Philip J. Wilkens, a Chiropractor who holds a doctorate degree in lumbar pain. Our aim is to manufacture the world’s best school backpacks and there are fewer things that we appreciate more than international recommendations that confirm that our school backpacks are the most ergonomic school backpacks available to children.

CCA – Canadian Chiropractic Association


We are extremely proud that we have received recognition from CCA, the Canadian Chiropractic Association. This is the first time that the Association has officially recommended a backpack.

“Beckmann has created a product that aims to be the best backpack available. All users will benefit from Beckmann’s focus on posture, load bearing and centre of gravity. The great extent to which one can adapt the product and the  ease with which the user can tailor the backpack to their body shape/size/age/activity, means that for children, Beckmann is the best backpack on the market”, says Ronda Parkes, CCA’s Chief Brand Officer.

Deutsche Kinderrheuma-Stiftung

(German Society for Paediatric Rheumatology)


The German Society for Paediatric Rheumatology recommends our school backpacks and we support their excellent work!

“We recommend this model to parents, as it has outstanding ergonomic qualities and is of high quality. From a medical perspective, we strongly recommend this ergonomic backpack”, says Dr. Rainer Berendes, Paediatric Rheumatologist


IGR – Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie 

(Institute of Health and Ergonomics)

We are proud that Beckmann’s first grade backpack has received IGR’s recommendation. Their tests confirm the user-friendliness and good ergonomic qualities of our backpacks.


“In various tests, we tested the user-friendliness and good ergonomic qualities of Beckmann backpacks. The tests clearly showed that the load is distributed across various points when carrying the back­pack. This feature protects the back.” says Christian Brunner, Board member of the IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics. 


The focus on ergonomic principles, which also convinced the jury from the Institute of Health and Ergonomics, meant that Beckmann of Norway received the much sought-after Innovation Award for Ergonomics 2019.



We do not only care about your back! 

The best way to reduce the environmental footprint from the products we buy and use is to chose products of high quality and durability, and at the same time care good care of them. 

 With more than 70 years of experience in making schoolbags we know what the go through and what they need to handle of wear and tear. A schollbags has a though life. It is being thrown around in the schoolyard full of books, and maybe also as a seat cushion or a togobban. It is important for us to tell you that the Beckmann schoolbags go through strict controls and have been thoroughly tested before it ends up on the back of a customer. 


All our drinking bottles and lunch boxes are BPA-free. BPA is short for Bisphenol-A, which can mimic oestrogen, and therefore have a negative effect on the health.  

PEFC/FSC-certified wood 

Pencils and crayons from Lyra, used in our pencil cases, are made of PEFC/FSC-certified wood. This also applies for all our printed marketing material. PEFC is the world’s largest wood certification system and was established in 1999. The PEFC-mark is an international labelling system for wood and paper products to secure sustainable forestry. 

Use of recycled plastic bottles

Beckmann has a short-term ambition to only use textile produced by recycled plastic bottles or Ocean Plastic. As of today, the main material on our backpack series City (City Light, City and City Max), Urban (Urban Mini, Urban Midi and Urban), Street (Street Light and Street FLX) and the Active Air FLX are produced by recycled plastic bottles.


The labelling system FSC has strict regulations to make sure the forestry does not cause deforestation, that the harvesting is controlled, and that it takes the local and indigenous people into consideration.  

REACH and the Toy Regulation

We fulfil EU’s REACH–regulations that prohibits harmful chemicals. We test our products according to REACH. REACH is an EU–regulation for registration, review, approval and restriction of chemicals. REACH’s objective is to secure a high level of protection for our health and for the environment, and to strengthen the corporate competition and innovation. 

Children’s bodies are still under development and are more vulnerable for impact than adults. They are also more in direct contact with the substances in toys, as they put them into their mouth. For products intended for small children (kindergarten and 1st grade) we run tests according to an even stricter legislation: EN71-3, also called the Toy Regulation in Norway. We are continuously working to reduce the use of chemicals beyond what the regulations require. 

RISE – leading research institute 

We are a member of the Chemicals Group, which ensures that we always receive the latest information about chemicals and environment related issues. Membership of the Group means that we can collaborate closely with leading experts in the area. It helps us to stay future oriented and updated on standards and legislation in the various markets in which we are represented. 

INTERTEK – Total quality assurance expertise 

Intertek carries out regular inspections of our manufacturers, testing and certification of our products. Inspections, during pre-production, manufacture and on 100% completed products, are important for us – it ensures maximum quality and approved products for our customers. Intertek has more than 1000 laboratories and offices around the world

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